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Code design & architecture

Java Core

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3 online tracks

Each participant will get access to his private account with all links to conference activities, i.e. 3 tracks of talks, special rooms to communicate with speakers, online activities from our partners and Q&A sessions.

Approaches and tools

At the conference we will talk about the use of tools, frameworks and practices.

World-famous speakers

We invite TOP-specialists from the USA, Europe and Ukraine who will present talks, full of practical examples from real-life projects.

Flawless organization

We work only with proven suppliers and with strict adherence to the schedule, so there will be no bad surprises for you.

New trends in Java world

Opportunity to learn about innovations and get insights at first-hand.

Prize draw

Our partners have prepared many interesting surprises and contests for the participants, so you will have chance to get not only new knowledge, but also some gifts!

Practical cases

Practitioners with hands-on experience will share their expertise and tell about challenges they face in their projects.


Baruch Sadogursky

Baruch Sadogursky

Head of Developer Advocacy, USA
Has 17 years of experience in high technology. Baruch is a CNCF ambassador, developer and professional speaker at many conferences.
Maksym Govorischev

Maksym Govorischev

Chief Software Engineer, Ukraine
The major goals are to become an undoubted software development professional and create software that people enjoy.
Vadym Kazulkin

Vadym Kazulkin

Head of Technology Strategy, Germany
Vadym is the co-organizer of the Java User Group Bonn and Serverless Bonn Meetup, and a frequent speaker on various Meetups and conferences.
Philipp Krenn

Philipp Krenn

Developer Advocate, Austria
Software developer, conference junkie та meetup organizer.
Mario Gray

Mario Gray

Principal Technologist, Pivotal, USA
Over 20 years of experience in software development and software architecture. He is co-author of Apress's Pro Spring Integration.
Victor Polishchuk

Victor Polishchuk

Software engineer, Ukraine
Production experience counts 15+ years including about 15 years of Java development.
Grzegorz Piwowarek

Grzegorz Piwowarek

Senior Software Engineer, Poland
Trainer and a blogger at
Dmitry Sergeev

Dmitry Sergeev

Full Stack Software & DevOps Engineer, Ukraine
A Certified Cloud Architect, Scrum Master & Product Owner.
Cedrick Lunven

Cedrick Lunven

Developer Advocate, France
In 2013, he created FF4j, a JAVA open-source framework for Feature Toggle. Сontributor JHipster.
Taras Boychuk

Taras Boychuk

Java Consultant, Ukraine
A naïve idealist. Founder at Bobocode. The biggest passion is education and self-development.
Anton Lemeshko

Anton Lemeshko

Principal Java Developer, Poland
More than 20 years of professional expertise. Anton is a fan of Spring technologies stack, RDBMS designer and developer.
Denis Macogon

Denis Macogon

Principal member of technical stuff, Ukraine
Software enthusiast, a fan of designing and developing platform and software as a service application for various cloud infrastructures. Co-author of OpenStack Application development, OpenStack Trove Essentials.
Nanne Baars

Nanne Baars

Software developer, Netherland
Senior software developer and security expert with lots of Java experience. WebGoat project Lead @ OWASP Foundation.


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